Retention Data

Retention Data

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Put Student Needs First

The University of Arizona wants students to be successful, to stay at the university, and to graduate.  

Retention and graduation rates are critical institutional performance measures. The University of Arizona has clear goals to the advance retention and graduation of ALL undergraduate students.  SSRI supports the college, divisional, and institution-wide efforts to meet these goals.    


  • First Year Retention- 91% of full-time, first year students return for their second year 
  • Six year Graduation - 75% of undergraduate students graduate within 6 years 


Why do students stay at the University of Arizona? 

What we know based on research and data gathering is that all of these reasons can make a significant impact on a student's likelihood to persist and graduate. 

  • Finding and connecting with a community 
  • Making friends
  • Using UA resources like tutoring
  • Connecting with an academic advisor

Why do students leave the University of Arizona? 

Staff have worked to better understand what challenges Arizona students may face, and to better understand why they leave the institution.   Through internal data gathering and analysis and external partnerships we have been able to identify why students leave campus as well as what helps students thrive.   

Top Predictors of Student Persistence

  1. Cumulative GPA 
  2. Unmet Financial Need 
  3. Living Arrangements 
  4. Residency 
  5. Timing of Enrollment/Course Registration 
  6. Credit Attempted 

Based on exit data from students leaving the institution after 1 or 2 semesters, there are five key areas that impact students most greatly. 

  • Emotional health problems
  • Stress/Anxiety 
  • Insufficient financial aid/unmet need 
  • Life changes (marriage, divorce, pregnancy) 
  • Family member who needs assistance