Nura Dualeh | She, her, hers

Director, Arizona's Science, Engineering and Math Scholars Program (ASEMS)

Nura Dualeh has worked in higher education for 25+ years in the areas of multicultural student affairs, international education and exchange, financial aid, student affairs and graduate school preparation. She earned her B.A. degree in Political Science from Williams College and her M.A. in Language, Reading and Culture from The University of Arizona. Nura collaborates with a wide network of faculty, staff, and administrators to create future-facing, inclusive programs that support the recruitment, retention, and success of students from marginalized communities. Her goal is to spark the imagination and aspirations of students, while nurturing their talents and protecting their wellbeing. Compassion and radical hope are values that inform Nura’s work as she believes this generations’ future is much, much brighter than their past.