Strengths-Based Coaching

Why Strengths-based Coaching?

The CliftonStrengths® assessment uses years of research from Gallup to help us identify are most dominant talent themes. These are patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior that have the potential to turn into strengths with the proper attention. When people invest in their talents to turn them into strengths, they have a greater capacity for leveraging those strengths in their work as well as in the non-work domains of their lives. People who approach work and life from a strengths-based perspective tend to have higher levels of satisfaction and well-being.

So why is SSRI offering this? Because we want to invest in our people. We want to help each person of our team to be the best version of themselves they can to do our best work today and prepare for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Who Can Get Coaching?

Any professional staff member or graduate assistant currently working for any of the units within Student Success & Retention Innovation are eligible to receive one-on-one strengths-based coaching. There is no cost to the employee or the department and codes for the CliftonStrengths® assessment are also provided.

How do I get coaching?

If you are a professional staff member or graduate assistant in SSRI and would like to explore one-on-one strengths-based coaching, please fill out this interest form.  If you would like to discuss group sessions or have any questions about strengths-based coaching, please contact Tom Murray at

There is no cost to the employee or the department. All costs associated with coaching will be covered by SSRI.

At this time, we do not have the human resource capacity to offer coaching to staff outside of SSRI units.

Yes! Graduate students who currently have assistantships with SSRI units may get coaching

For the same human resource capacity reasons, we are not able to provide one-on-one strengths-based coaching to student workers at this time. However, we are able to provide group sessions (2-hour minimum) to SSRI student worker groups upon request. Group CliftonStrengths® sessions will provide an overview of the assessment and the 34 themes as well as several practical applications of the assessment results. Additional learning objectives can be discussed when planning your session. For these group sessions, the department will be responsible for the costs of the assessment ($12/student).

No. This initiative is purely to invest in our staff, but only if they want to take advantage of that investment. Strengths-based coaching may not be mandated and should not be used as a part of any sort of corrective action with employees.

No. Strengths-based coaching is strictly confidential and coaches will not share any information about the content of one-on-one coaching sessions with anyone.

That depends on you and the conversation you have with your coach during your first coaching session. At most you will meet with your coach monthly, but it may be less frequent based on your needs and availability.