Apps and Tools to Aid in your success

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Below you will find a list of apps and tools that can help you manage your time, calendar and money.  If you have an app recommendation that could be useful for other students email the recommendation to



Get Organized 

Google Calendar  

It is a useful planner to set up your class schedule and put reminders in beforehand so you show up on time.  It can also be used to schedule events, create reminders, share availability and much more!  

Price: free with a google account  

Google Drive 

Back up all your documents from class on Google Drive. That way it is always accessible, whether you’re on your phone or in front of a computer.  Google sheets, Google docs, Google slides, Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and more are compatible  

Everything is sharable for collaborative projects!  

Price: free with a google account 


Helps you visualize your ideas by creating idea maps.  This includes project planning, note taking, meeting management – among many others! 

Price: basic version is free. Other plans range from $4.99 to $12.49 


This task management app lets you break things down into bite sized pieces.  It automatically sorts priority action items and can see what is scheduled for the whole day.  

Price: both free and paid options are available.  

Useful Tools 


This app gives you access to D2L to access content for your classes and lets you download or upload documents if you are away from a computer. Available through the Google Play and App Store. Find the University of Arizona in the list under ‘Select your Institution.’  

Price: Free 

Need more help? Check out  


This reference manager and PDF reader lets you annotate and highlight your readings!  You can generate references, citations and synch your work across several devices.  

Price: first 2 gigabytes of storage are free. Plans range annually from $55 to $165 for more storage. 


This app generates MLA citations for free! It can give grammar suggestions too.  

Price: free. The premium version is $10, and you will get all citation styles as well as plagiarism detection.  


Make sure your essays stand out and engage the reader.  This app uses AI to check for grammatical issues, sentence structure and more.  

Price: free. There are other options available: Grammarly Business for $15 or Premium for $30. 

Reference & Study 



Make your own flashcards and trade with your friends to get ready for a quiz or test! You can also play time-based games based off the information you need to know.  

Price: free. You can also get Quizlet Plus – an ad-free version and available offline for $23.88 annually.  


Learn a new language from your phone or use it to practice one you already are learning!  This app helps you with speaking, reading listening, writing, grammar, and vocabulary.  It can also be accepted as a form of English proficiency.  

Price: free. There is a paid version where you get access to offline lessons and no ads.  


This note-taking and task-management system lets you synch up across your devices.  You can make to do lists, save webpages, and make your documents digital.  

Price: free. A premium version with more features is $69.99 annually.  


Get a better understanding of a book you are reading for class with this app!  It will help you understand the symbolism in a story or clarify a tough point. It also offers study guides and test preps! 

Price: the study guides are free. 

Note: it’s available online for both Android or iOS. But the Android app will only work if you have bought the Test Prep course.  

Time Management 



Color code your tasks using this time management tool!  Find your tasks by type (school, work, personal, etc.). 

Price: 21-day free trial, but then it varies from $3 to $25 depending on your device. 


This app is focused on homework and assignment planning.   You can set up times, due dates, and calendars for your assignments.  It is useful because you can also input your course schedule and class reminders.  

Price: free 


Silence your phone during class by inputting your schedule into this app! It can also remind you when homework assignments and tests are scheduled.  It comes with maps of colleges and university campuses, and even connects to Facebook.  

Price: free

Self Control 

This Mac specific app blocks access to the internet or to apps of your choosing.  It happens for a certain period of time so you can get things done without interruption.  

Price: free 


This Android specific app is a version of Self Control.  It blocks chosen apps for set chunks of time to keep you from getting distracted.  

Price: free 


This app uses gamification to motivate effective time management The app encourages you to stay off your phone by growing a tree and awarding virtual coins . You can spend your virtual coins to plant real trees 

Price: $1.99  

College Life  


Arizona Mobile  

This University of Arizona app is your one stop shop for moving around the U of Arizona.  See your class schedule, check UArizona Wildcats sports scores, explore campus resources and much more! 

Price: free 


Everyone loves a good TED Talk, and if you’re needing inspiration – this app is a good place to start.  It can help you find a focus for a paper or project.  It is also a great way to unwind at the end of the day.  

Price: free 

All kinds of TED Talks are available for free on YouTube.  


This money manager app can help keep your finances in order and in one place! It makes a budget with suggestions from the app based on your spending habits.   You can also check your credit score.  

Price: free.  


Avoid having to stop by the ATM to pay someone! This app lets you make and share payments by linking your bank account or debit card to the app.  

Price: free.