Trellis Progress

What is Trellis Progress?


Trellis Progress is an early reporting system for instructors to provide feedback to students enrolled in their courses. An instructor can provide both positive and constructive feedback on course performance and attendance. Upon sending a progress report, students will receive an email that provides them with the course feedback. This feedback will be visible to student support staff (e.g. academic advisors) to ensure timely support for students. For additional information on Trellis Progress contact Stefanie Basij,


What will I receive? What do I need to do?

You will receive an email informing you of your course progress (concerns or affirmations) along with recommended actions to help further your achievement. Based on the type of feedback, you may be encouraged to seek out additional services or resources.

You will be required to acknowledge and confirm that you’ve read the email. If the message remains unconfirmed after 14 days, the Student Success & Retention Innovation team will contact students to check-in.


As an instructor, the timing for feedback can be unique to course, environmental factors and/or class modalities.  Whether you’re providing feedback once or multiple times in a semester, students should have time to act on the feedback provided, while keeping in mind important academic dates and deadlines. To this end, we recommend using Trellis Progress to send initial course feedback during the following windows:

Summer 2021: Suggested progress report send dates

Course Length Suggested Feedback Timing
Pre-session courses starting on 5/17 Send by 5/26
13 week courses starting on 5/17

Send by 6/25

7 week courses starting on 5/17 Send by 6/4
7 week courses starting on 7/6 Send by 7/23
5 week courses starting on 6/7 Send by 6/18
5 week courses starting on 7/12 Send by 7/23
10 week courses starting on 6/7 Send by 7/6

   Request individual or team training sessions 

Attend Open Lab training sessions.  These sessions are drop in with no registration needed.

Scheduled Remote-Friendly Open Labs:

*Weekly remote-friendly open lab sessions will take place every Tuesday, 10am-11am from June 1st-August 3rd  (

Date Time Location
Pre-Session, 13W, 7W1 Session Prep



5W1 and 10W Session Prep
6/16/2021 9am-11am
7W2 and 5W2 Session Prep
7/15/2021 2pm-4pm

Please visit the Trellis Progress page for FAQs.  Frequently Asked Questions

To troubleshoot issues or report bugs, contact the 24/7 IT Support Center