First Cats - Faculty & Staff

First Cats - Faculty & Staff 


More than 10,000 University of Arizona students are First-Generation College students! We have a large, diverse and strong community on the Arizona Campus and want to make sure that the staff, and faculty have the knowledge to support those students. 

The University of Arizona First Cats  was created to motivate and support students to attain a bachelor's degree and prepare for the next step after college.   

Who is a First-Generation College Student? 

  • A student who comes from a home where neither parent/legal guardian has completed a four-year bachelor's degree; 

  • A student whose parent(s)/legal guardian(s) completed a bachelor's degree or equivalent in a country outside of the United States; 

  • A student who has separated or divorced parents and the parent with primary custody, or with whom the student lives with a majority of the time, does not have a bachelor's degree; 

  • A student who was/is a homeless youth, in the foster care system, or a ward of the state.