Mindset Campaign


Encouraging a growth mindset promotes student success. 

Growth Mindset Materials & Campaign 

SS&RI is working to create growth mindset and sense of belonging materials for staff and faculty use.  We will continue to create interactive tools as well as graphics to aid departments and colleges in promoting student success.  

To request any of the materials please email studentsuccess@email.arizona.edu  or complete the request here. 

Request Materials 

What success looks like sign, shows that the path to success is not a straight line.

The Growth Mindset- What Success Looks Like sign shows that success is not always a straight path.  


Sign that says yet

The Yet poster encourages students to understand that with hard work and use of resources they can succeed, even if they are not there yet. 

You matter tearaway poster

The poster is designed to be a tearaway poster including many micro-affirmations.  

What you don't see poster

This poster shows that graduation may be the goal but there are many paths to get there.