Meet Our Team

Associate Vice Provost

Photo of Christine Salvesen

Christine Salvesen | She, her, hers, ella

Associate Vice Provost, Student Success & Retention Innovation | Executive Director, Strategy Team


Picture of Gabrielle Miller

Gabrielle Miller | She, her, hers

Assistant Vice Provost, Student Success and Retention Innovation Executive Director, SALT Center

Photo of Roxie Catts

Roxie Catts | She, her, hers

Director, Advising Resource Center

Photo of Nura Dualeh

Nura Dualeh | She, her, hers

Director, Arizona's Science, Engineering and Math Scholars Program (ASEMS)

Photo of Marisol Quiroz

Marisol Quiroz | She, her, hers

Director of C.A.T.S. Academics and Assistant Athletic Director

Photo of Leticia Soto-Delgadillo

Leticia Soto-Delgadillo | She, her, hers

Executive Director, CLAS Academic Advising Center

Strategy Team

Photo of Laura Andrews

Laura Andrews | She, her, hers

Senior Analyst, Assessment and Research

Photo of Jennifer Ludwig

Jennifer Ludwig | She, her, hers

Senior Associate Director, Operations and Data Management

Photo of Jenny Nirh

Jenny Nirh | She, her, hers

Director, Collaboration Communication and Outreach Innovation

Photo of Hannah Hildreth

Hannah Hildreth | She, her, hers

Senior Coordinator, Communications & Outreach

Profile Photo of Brian Paradis

Brian Paradis | he, him, his

Coordinator, Communications & Outreach