Meet Our Team

Vice Provost, Student Success and Retention Innovation


Christine Salvesen | She, her, hers, ella

Assistant Vice Provost, Student Success & Retention Innovation

Michelle McKelvey

Director, Thrive Center

Gabrielle Miller

Assistant Vice Provost, Student Success and Retention Innovation Executive Director, SALT Center

Roxie Catts

Director, Advising Resource Center

Photo of Marcos Ortiz

Marco Ortiz

Director, THINK TANK

Marisol Quiroz

Director of C.A.T.S. Academics and Assistant Athletic Director

Kimberly Sierra-Cajas

Director, ASEM Scholars Program

Leticia Soto-Delgadillo

Executive Director, CLAS Academic Advising Center

Strategy Team

Laura Andrews | She, her, hers

Senior Analyst, Assessment and Research

Jennifer Ludwig | She, her, hers

Senior Associate Director, Operations and Data Management

Jenny Nirh | She, her, hers

Associate Director, Communications and Outreach

Photo of Tom Murray

Tom Murray | He, him, his

Director, Professional Development & Collaborations

Communications & Outreach

Hannah Hildreth | She, her, hers

Coordinator, Communications & Outreach

Photo of Vivian Ortiz

Viviana Ortiz | She, her, hers, ella

Coordinator, Communications & Outreach