The SSRI Strategy Team 

Advancing retention and degree completion through campus-wide strategies, dynamic partnerships, and innovative approaches. The team strategically advances student success as an institutional priority, and a driving force of positive change for structures, policy, and people.


The SSRI Strategy team works to promote students success and persistence at the institutional level.  This includes collaboration with SSRI departments and institutional wide partners to to support undergraduate students.  


  • Strengths Based
  • Growth Mindset
  • Sense of Belonging

How we promote Student Success

  • Professional development and trainings for faculty, staff and student staff
  • Optimizing student data for communication, policies, and intervention
  • Building campus-wide partnerships
  • Supporting inclusive student excellence
  • Dynamically responding to campus needs and opportunities
  • Promoting the attitudes, perspectives and behaviors of successful students
  • Advancing strengths-based frameworks and mindsets for success
  • Student success research and assessment


SSRI Strategy Team Program and Initiatives 

Projects and Initiatives

  • Growth Mindset  & Sense of Belonging Campaign
    • Materials & Workshops
  • Institutional Retention Initiatives
  • SOS Program 
  • Student Gratitude Project
  • Student Advisory Board
  • Success & Retention Research 
    • Creative Inquiries for Retention 
  • Trellis Progress- Early Feedback for Students 
  • Professional Development for SSRI & Campus staff 
    • Workshops,  Coaching, the Student Success Conference

Outreach and Communication

  • Weekly emails to new students
  • Support. Outreach. Success. (SOS)- sos.arizona.edu
  • SOS Launchpad (within D2L)
  • Point-in-Time Targeted Nudging to UA Students (by email)
    • Sense of Belonging , Campus Engagement
  • Point-in-Time Targeted Nudging to UA Students (via text)
    •  First & Second Students, Non-Registered students
  • Early Academic Feedback 
  • Point-in-Time Outreach and Communication to UA Stakeholders
    • Trellis Progress 
    • Registration Campaigns
    • Retention Updates 
    • Strategic Plan Retention Initiatives Updates