Create Meaningful Motivation

Creating meaningful motivation


Find way to stay motivated, and believe in The POWER OF YET.  

You can find motivation by creating goals and or determining how you will be benefit from your courses or current situation in the future.  However, that can also be overwhelming, or you may feel like you will fail. In the moments when it is overwhelming or something feels unattainable, believe in the power of yet.  Just because something is challenging in the moment does not mean that can't change in the future.   It just hasn't happened yet.  

I don't understand the material.....YET 


Create Goals Sheets 

  • Why: Think more about what you want to accomplish and learn rather than being worried about not understanding things in the moment.  
  • How: Decide what you want to understand or get out of the course and write it down.  For example "I would like to understand the impact of proper nutrition on education."  Each week write done want you want to learn from your course that week.  Reflect on what you learned and if you are meeting that goal each week. Continue to add all semester long.  Talk you your instructor about your goals when you go to office hours! 

Make an Assignment Appreciation List 

  • Why: Determining what you like about completing assignments, will help you start the assignment or start studying next time . 
  • How: Write down a few things that you like about studying, or working on an assignment.  For example " I am really interested in the topic once I start reading."  " Doing math homework is a visible sign that I solved a problem."  Add to your list when you think of something new! 

Create a Benefits & Gratitude List 

  • Why:  When you understand that benefits that you are receiving by studying, doing your assignments or daily readings it can help motivate you to continue.  
  • How: Write down the benefits that you will receive by completing the assignment, readings or the course overall.  For example: "this course allows me to learn a language that will be helpful in future interactions" or "doing well in this course will improve my GPA so that I can...." 

Understand Your Values & Motivations

  • Why: Understanding your own values and your personal motivation is generally important, but can impact academics as well.  If your actions are inline with your values  it can be motivating, when your actions or behaviors are in opposition to what you value in can create additional challenges for you.  If you know you value hard-work, but haven't been completing assignments that will impact your motivation even further. 
  • How: Write down what you value. You can use some of these activities from PsychToday to determine your values.  Create a plan to live out your values.  Write down something you can do to reinforce each value (Bonus if you can relate it to academics).