Finding Help & Assistance

There are many resources available to you on campus, and sometimes you will need to ask for assistance.  You can always ask our SOS staff your questions and they can get you answers, find you resources or connect you with the correct people.  



Support. Outreach. Success. (SOS ) supports all Arizona community members, with a focus on enhancing the student experience. When students have a central place or simple way to have questions answered and to seek support they are more successful.  

Call 520-621-2327, chat (below), or email

(texting not currently available)

Reaching Out to Instructors & Staff

If you are concerned about how to reach out to an instructor or other university staff member there is a guide on how to write emails.  You can always reach out to anyone for assistance.  

Writing your first email to staff and instructors.

Attend Virtual Office Hours

Instructors want to meet with you! Attend office hours or ask to set-up appointments if those times don't work for you.  

The Tech You Need

There are technology resources to help you.  The library has many items you can check out and UArizona IT has information regarding WIFI off campus and helpful software.  



Library Resources

What to do if you are sick (with COVID)

Campus Health has created detailed steps regarding what to do if you have COVID (on or off campus),or if you have been exposed.  This information includes reporting requirements, isolation/quarantine instructions and mental health resources for while you are isolating or all semester long.  

Campus Health COVID Information

Academic & Learning Support

THINK TANK has resources to meet your needs.  Whether you need tutoring, the writing center, an academic skills tutor or a professional learning specialist, there are resources for you.