Finish Strong

Finish Strong 

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Plan for tomorrow

  • Why: Creating a plan for the following day will help you get started faster.  When you begin your day with a plan already you will be more productive.  
  • How: Take a set amount of time at the end of each day to make your plan.  Use 10-15 minutes to write out your to-do list and plan for the next day.  Be as detailed as possible, without causing your self stress.  

Take pride in what you do.

  • Why: #1, because you should be proud of your accomplishments. When you feel proud of yourself it will help you keep motivated.  Reinforce your own good behavior.  
  • How:  You can keep a written list, put it on your fridge, keep a google doc or even do a daily highlight on your social media.  It can be as public or private as you would like.  

Take care of yourself

  • Why:  When you feel better you learn better.  Students that are eating a healthy diet, getting enough rest and staying hydrated (particularly in Arizona) will be more successful.   
  • How: Create a plan and set goals to take care of yourself.  Example: I will sleep 8 hours per night.  Determine and plan what you need to do to make that happen.