Focusing in a digital environment, and possibly surrounded by distractions can be challenging.  Below you will find strategies to help you focus, create a more successful educational environment for yourself and aid you in being more productive.  

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Focusing in Online Lectures (Zoom)

Watching lectures online from home presents some challenges to staying focused, but it also provides some unique opportunities for learning.

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Creating a Productive Workspace

Much of the work you’ll do in college happens outside of the classroom or virtual classroom. These workspaces need to be looked at with your success in mind.    

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Co-Working in Small Spaces

Are you sharing a small space with family members, roommates, or significant others? This can present a variety of challenges including slower wifi connections, distractions and noise during important meetings or classes, and difficulty focusing on work. 

Tips on Sharing Spaces

Focus to Improve Productivity

Did you know that multi-tasking doesn't really work?

Tips to focus and be more productive