Student Success Awards


Awarded February 2024 




Outstanding First-Generation Professional Award Recognizes someone who identifies as a first-generation faculty or staff member that is also working to increase access, and or persistence for the first-generation community.
Outstanding Graduate Assistant Awards Recognizes graduate students for their contribution to higher education through their graduate assistantship or internship position. 
Outstanding Mentor Awards Recognizes someone who provides outstanding mentorship and guidance for new staff/employees
Assessment Champion  Recognizes an individual or department that has demonstrated the ability to intentionally integrate assessment into the goals, planning, daily practices, and improvement of their unit. 
Inclusive Excellence Recognizes an individual for their contributions to higher education and student persistence through creating access for marginalized populations and prioritizing diversity and inclusion in their department. 
Outstanding Collaborator or Collaborative Program Recognizes an individual or program that encourages and increases students success through collaboration.   
Outstanding or Innovative Programming Award Presented to a program addressing  a specific campus concern or need. Each program's success has led to an increase in student engagement, success, and retention.
Outstanding New Professional Recognizes an individual who has worked at the University of Arizona for 1-4 years and shows a commitment to student success. 
Wildcat Achievement Award Awarded to someone who has demonstrated a strong commitment to the University of Arizona, student success and retention. 
Trellis Progress Department Achievement Award  Recognizes a valued partner in Trellis Progress. 
Trellis Progress College Achievement Award  Recognizes a College that has operationalized and institutionalized the use of Trellis Progress. 
Trellis Progress Champion Award Recognizes and individual faculty or staff member who has been a valued partner. 

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