Being organized will help you stress less and be productive.  We have tips for you on being organized in multiple facets of your academic life.  

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Managing Your Calendar

Maintaining an organized calendar can greatly impact your success.  

Tips to managing your time and calendar

Organizing Digital Files

Developing an organization system for your digital files will keep you prepared and ready to take on the spring semester. While much of our work has shifted from physical paper to digital, we can use the same principles when organizing our digital filing system.  

More on organizing digital files

Organizing Notes

The Cornell Note-Taking Method is a highly effective way to take notes that will be organized, and easy to use later in your course.  


Understand Course Types

The University of Arizona will offer four types of classes. Depending on your preference, classes range from fully in-person to fully online. Make sure you know and understand your course types and you are managing your time to complete different types of courses.  


Watch the class formats video to learn more about the course modalities.