set up for success

Set up for success

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Pair Up!  Find a friend, peer or fellow Wildcat to keep you accountable. 

  • Why? Having someone that can check in with you (and you with them) can help you help stay on track. 
  • How: Check in on a regular basis (set a schedule). Talk or text regularly, exchange calendars for class then you can ask them about how prep is going for assignments or tests. 

Form study groups

  • Why: Study groups help you review material, through discussions and teaching others.  This can also create accountability and provide different types of support in course.  Study groups can also increase your persistence and decrease anxiety
  • How: First - ask your instructor to provide information on their expectations of study groups (what should be independent and what can be collaborative).  Determine your goals for the group, are you doing weekly reviews? Test reviews?  Find others in your course and email or message them about creating a study group. 

Manage Your calendar and plan

Why: Creating your semester on-a-page  and a weekly plan will make it easier to prepare and plan in advance. 

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Other resources

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