Student Success Conference


February 14 & 15 

Learn. Share. Scale. 
Elevating collaboration for state-wide student success 


In collaboration with the Arizona Innovation Alliance (AIA), the conference focus in 2024 is to showcase new and innovative ways to support student success partnerships with an emphasis on student retention initiatives. Proposal submissions should focus on programs, initiatives or research launched in the past 18 months

Arizona Innovation Allian Logo. It is 3 stars in UA, ASU and NAU colors inside  a state of Arizona Outline.

There are multiple ways to share your work with your campus colleagues. Please consider the variety of options and submit a proposal before January 5th (extended 12.11.23).  Email with any questions regarding proposals. 

Educational Sessions  Virtual 

50-minute sessions, choice of format: 

  • Panel discussion (Sessions will feature 3-5 panelists with a panel facilitator) 
  • Workshop (Sessions should heavily feature audience engagement with identified learning outcomes) 
  • Paper session (Sessions will feature three 10-minute presentation of in-depth assessment, research, or scholarly project with time for Q&A and discussion amongst the presenters) 


Flash Educational Sessions  Virtual 

3-minute presentations

Topic areas

  • Upcoming initiatives, research or programs to support student success
  • Collaborative opportunities to support student success 


Conference registration will open January 15th after sessions have been finalized.  All education pieces will be virtual.  

Participants are invited to participate as they are able in terms of time commitment.   

University of Arizona Only 
Awards Date - Week of February 12, 2024
Due January 9th - Extended to January 16th 
Outstanding or Innovative Program Award

Eligibility Criteria:  Within the last two academic years, submitted programs or initiatives must have led to an increase in student engagement, success, retention or graduation. Programs should have a unique approach to a challenging situation and/or specific campus concern or need. There should be quantitative or qualitative data to support the program/initiative's success.   

Outstanding New Professional Award (Faculty/Staff)

Eligibility Criteria: An individual who has worked one to four years within higher education at the University of Arizona. The individual has demonstrated a strong commitment to student success at the University of Arizona.

Wildcat Achievement Award (Faculty/Staff)

Eligibility Criteria: This is awarded to one faculty member and one staff member who have demonstrated a strong commitment to student success at the University of Arizona. 

Outstanding First-Generation Professional (Faculty/Staff)

Eligibility Criteria: An individual who identifies as a first-generation faculty or staff member that is also working to improve student success, increase access, and or persistence for the first-generation community. 

Outstanding Graduate Student Award (2 recipients)

Eligibility Criteria: This award recognizes two graduate students for their contribution to higher education through their graduate assistantship or internship position. This award is based on the following: Must be enrolled in classes at the University of Arizona. 

Outstanding Mentor Award (Faculty/ Staff)

Eligibility Criteria: This award recognizes one faculty/staff member who has been an outstanding mentor to an individual or department. This winner has provided outstanding mentorship and guidance for new staff/employees/students.  

Assessment Champion Award

The Assessment Champion award is an individual or department that has demonstrated the ability to intentionally integrate assessment into the goals, planning, daily practices, and improvement of their unit.  
  • Please provide a description of the work that best exemplifies intentionally integrating assessment into the goals, planning, daily practices, and improvement of the unit/department.
  • Examples of such might include an end-of-the-year assessment for a report or an executive summary of an assessment effort. This description should include the purpose of the assessment, assessment instruction(s), key findings, and how the findings were used to improve or develop a new program, practice, service, or policy.

Inclusive Excellence Award
Eligibility Criteria: This award recognizes one staff/faculty member for their contribution to higher education and student success through creating access for marginalized populations and prioritizing diversity and inclusion in their department.

General Eligibility Criteria:
Nominees and award recipients promote and value student success within their daily work.  
Nomination Requirements:
  • Complete the online form 
  • Staff, Faculty, or students nominated must be currently employed by or enrolled at the University of Arizona. 
  • Programs nominated must still exist at the University of Arizona.   
  • Submit a nomination detailing:
  • Relationship to nominee or program. How long you have known or worked with the nominee or program.  
  • Why the individual, program or departments is most deserving of the award(s). 
  • How the individual, program or departments meets the criteria for the award. 
  • Specific examples related to the award description.
  • How the individual, program or department contributes to student success. 

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Draft Schedule At-A-Glance

February 14 & 15 

The schedule has been created with flexibility and inclusivity in mind.   Virtual educational sessions allow for greater participation across the whole of the University of Arizona and Arizona Innovation partners. 


Wednesday, February 14 
9:00am  15-20 Minutes  Welcome from the University of Arizona and the Arizona Innovation Alliance (AIA).  Virtual 
  45 Minutes 

Keynote – Q&A 


11:00am  50 Minutes  Overview of AIA Learning Studios  Virtual 
1:00pm  50 Minutes  Ed Session 1 Block  Virtual 
2:00pm  50 Minutes  Ed Session 2 Block  Virtual 
Thursday,  February 15 
10:00am  50 Minutes  Ed Session Block 3 Virtual
11:00am  50 Minute Ed Session Block 4 Virtual
1:00pm  50 Minutes Ed Session Block 5 Virtual 
2:00pm 60 Minutes Flash Sessions Virtual
3:00pm 10 minutes Closing and Thank You Virtual