SSRI will periodically host workshops for students, staff and faculty surrounding the SSRI frameworks.  Please review the available workshops below.  

SSRI Summer Workshop Series

 Presented by your colleagues in SSRI, these workshops are a great opportunity for professional development.


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Exhausted, Unfocused, and Confused…How Is Your Mental Health?

Presented by Jenny Simon, MC, LPC, PhD, Life Management Counselor – Thrive Center

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We are united in distress right now; wouldn’t it be great to find some peace together? Join us for a workshop loaded with hands on techniques to improve our mental health. We do better when we are taking care of ourselves. Let’s reset our nervous systems in this brief get-together.

First-Gen Introduction Training with First Cats: Building our Knowledge & Tools to Serve First-Gen Students

Presented by Victoria Navarro Benavides, Manager, First Cats and Martel Serwenda, Coordinator, First Cats – Thrive Center

In this 2.5-hour training by staff of Thrive Center’s First Cats, participants will build an awareness of the definition of first-generation college student (FGCS) at the University of Arizona and expand their understanding of issues impacting the FGCS educational journey.

Successfully Supporting Students in Higher Education Who Have Experienced Foster Care or Housing Insecurity

Presented by Dani Carrillo, Program Coordinator, Fostering Success – Thrive Center

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Join us for a discussion around how we currently support students and how you can approach student support through a trauma-informed lens.

Under the Hood: How to Be a Successful Facilitator

Presented by Kelly Amsler, Senior Lead Learning Specialist – C.A.T.S. Academics

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Right now, our screen time, our ability to multi-task, and preserving connections with colleagues and students is integral to our pandemic response and what's left of our work-life balance. With meetings comprising the bulk of our workdays, why not make these as effective, productive and -dare we say- enjoyable, as possible? In this workshop you will learn how to plan for, design, facilitate, and close out a meeting for optimal participant engagement.

Prioritize Others, Develop Yourself

Presented by Michelle Galambos, Senior Learning Specialist – C.A.T.S. Academics

When we choose to prioritize developing others, we become more holistic professionals. Participants will walk away from the session excited to look for opportunities to mentor/grow and develop students, because prioritizing others will create professional development opportunities for themselves. Grounded in the presenter’s experience supervising and mentoring students, participants will see clear examples, practices, and strategies that benefit students, while simultaneously developing the staff member.


Small Acts Transform the World: Micromessaging and Student Success

SSRI is happy to offer workshops to campus groups on the topic of microaffirmations. Microaffirmations are small acts, public and private, that can foster a sense of inclusion and support. Workshops can range from 45 minutes to two hours depending on your group’s needs. If you would like to schedule a workshop, please fill out the workshop request form here. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your group’s needs further, please contact Tom Murray at