Productivity and Motivation

Productivity and Motivation

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To be productive in college, and particularly right now, it is important to use resources and have specific strategies in place to help you succeed.  If you have a plan, if you have the support and resources you need in advance, and if you are taking care of yourself, you will be more motivated and productive.  

There are staff and services available to you.  


Set Up for Success

Create habits and employ strategies to set you up for success.  

Focus to Improve Learning and Productivity

Multi-tasking is a myth.  Learn more about how to focus and be more productive.  


Finish Strong

In addition to good study and learning habits, there are things you can do for your personal benefit that will also help academically.  

Meaningful Motivation

Motivation that is grounded in your values, goals and future. 


Your mindset can greatly impact your ability to be productive and resilient.  

Productivity and Sleep

Sleep impacts your physical and mental health.  Campus health has information and resources on getting better sleep.