Resilience or Growth Mindset  is the ability to work through failures, challenges or setbacks.  You need to understand that everyone experiences these things on their path to success.  Right now there are more setbacks and challenges that anyone anticipated.  You can still be successful at the University of Arizona.  

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How to be Resilient

One of the Life Management Counselors offers tips and resources on resilience.  

Cultivating Resilience

Practicing Self-Compassion

Learn how to practice self-compassion, or self-acceptance particularly during difficult times. 

Practicing Self-Compassion

Increasing Resilience with Realistic Optimism

How can we be positive when so many things are hard right now?

Learn about realistic optimism.

Stress Management Assessment

Stress has a huge impact on your health and academics.  Use this tool from the THINK TANK to assess how you manage your stress.   Campus Health has great resources and tips related to stress. 

Stress Management Assessment

Simple Habits to Reduce Stress

Learn about ACTIVE RELAXATION and how it will help you reduce stress. 

Simple Habits to Reduce Stress

Pathways to Wellness

Campus Health has a way for you to create your personal path to wellness.  

Create your wellness path.

Burnout and Resiliency

How do you become more resilient when you feel just done and over everything.  

Being resilient after burnout.


Studies show that people who show gratitude are more likely to thrive. We know that students who are more engaged with the University of Arizona community, and have connected with another University of Arizona community member feel a stronger sense of belonging, and are more likely to succeed at the University of Arizona.

Regular Gratitude Practices